BGR 191 / Orthopaedic Foot-Protection

Orthopaedic Foot-Protection

In January 2007 an amendment of the BGR 191 (directive of the professional association) came into effect.

This amendment says that it has to be checked if safety boots comply with the demands of EN ISO 20345
when they have been orthopaedically adapted.
This has to be done by an official testing institute that is accredited in Europe. The conformity with the standards is certified with an EU design inspection document.

EWS together with the firm Seidl has designed an orthopaedic insole that can be used for the most common orthopaedic problems and that is adjusted to all EWS-fire-brigade boots and the complete product range of EWS-safety boots.

Your local orthopaedic shoemaker can get the needed blanks for production of individual orthopaedic insoles from the firm Seidl. From there your local shoemaker will get all needed information too.